Strawberry Flamingo Donuts


Ingredients for 3 people



Candy melts




parchment paper


Plastic sheet protector

Apple corer

Step 1/2

Start by dipping the tops of the donuts in pink glaze and let it set. Next, on a sheet of parchment paper, pour dollops of white and pink candy melts. With a brush, shape them into feathery patterns and let them set. Attach these candy feathers to the sides of the donuts.Sculpt S-shapes out of the candy melts to form the head and neck of the flamingos, and carefully position them on the donuts. To create the flamingo’s legs, carefully make small incisions at the bottom of the straws and secure them in an upright position using candy melts. These will be the legs for the flamingo. Once the legs are set, place the donut on top.

Step 2/2

To make the lotus flowers, start by spooning dollops of green candy melts between two plastic sheet protectors. Press down with an apple corer to flatten them and let them cool until set. Meanwhile, cut marshmallows into petal shapes and top with sprinkles. Place the marshmallow petals on top of the green candy melts and add yellow sprinkles to the center. Serve with the flamingo donuts and enjoy!

Strawberry Flamingo Donuts

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