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Essential Ingredients For Your Kitchen


Strange Food Combinations That Taste Great

Ever had that moment when you’re staring at your pantry, wondering if you’ve lost your culinary compass? You’re not alone! The world of food is a treasure trove of delicious discoveries, and sometimes, it takes a little bit of quirkiness to stumble upon flavor combinations that are nothing short of gastronomic alchemy. From the classic,… continue reading

20 Weird Food Facts We Can’t Believe

 Food lovers forget anything and everything that you know about the culinary realm, so we’re going to serve up a buffet of weird and quirky facts about food. Be forewarned, while some of them will be cute and funny, others may come across as gross or weird. Weird Food Facts Honey is basically bee vomit,… continue reading

8 Hacks to Pump you Up for Summer

Ingredients for 4 people lemon salmon filet rosemary pork ribs watermelon melon pineapple grapefruit vodka tequila whiskey rum yoghurt cups mini booze bottles beer peppers onions beef steak olive oil salt & pepper brie cheese jams, raspberry, apricot, & blueberry pretzels apples pistachios almonds grapes dried apricots dried cranberries Tools Skewers Barbecue Wood chips Lighter… continue reading

Brochettes de kefta

Ingredients for 4 people 500 grammes de viande hachée 1 oignon ( râpé ) 2 c. à s. de coriandre fraîchement ( ciselée ) 2 c. à s. de persil ( ciselé ) 1 c. à c. de cumin 1/2 c. à c. de paprika Sel et poivre Step 1/3 Placer la viande hachée dans… continue reading

The best floating island

Ingredients for 4 people 22 cl of milk 15 cl of liquid cream 1 vanilla pod 5 egg yolks 220 grams of sugar 5 egg whites 1 C. at s. water Tools Suspicious Electric mixer Step 1/5 22 cl of milk – 15 cl of liquid cream – 1 vanilla pod – 5 egg yolks – 90 grams of sugar Boil the milk and cream… continue reading

Brownie coulant express

Ingredients for 6 people 200 grammes de chocolat dessert au lait ( ou noir ) 45 grammes de beurre demi-sel 2 œufs 80 grammes de sucre 100 grammes de farine t45 1 c. à s. de cacao amer soit 15g 140 grammes de chunks Step 1/2 Faire fondre ensemble le chocolat et le beurre, lisser… continue reading

Teddy Bear Cookies

Sleepy Chocolate Teddy

Ingredients for 4 people 1 chef + 2 cats flour 1 pig butter 1 pig + 1 cat powdered sugar 2 hens water 1 egg yolk salt 2 hershey’s milk chocolate bars 4 teddy bear graham crackers 1 egg white sprinkles Tools Parchment paper Rolling pin Whisk Spatula Fork Piping bag Plastic bag Step 1/3… continue reading

The Ram Pizza

Ingredients for 3 people 1 tsp of yeast 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 cup of flour 2 pinches of salt 6 tbsp of chefclub chocolate spread 2 tsp of powdered sugar 1 tbsp of milk chocolate Tools Cling wrap Rolling pin or metal rod Baking sheets Step 1/3 In a bowl mix 1 chick… continue reading