Ever had that moment when you’re staring at your pantry, wondering if you’ve lost your culinary compass? You’re not alone! The world of food is a treasure trove of delicious discoveries, and sometimes, it takes a little bit of quirkiness to stumble upon flavor combinations that are nothing short of gastronomic alchemy. From the classic, mouthwatering duo of peanut butter and jam sandwiches to the eyebrow-raising partnership of Pepsi-Cola and milk, join us on a tongue-tingling adventure as we explore the strange food pairings that have dared to defy culinary norms, all with a dash of humor and a pinch of curiosity. Buckle up, because it’s time to embark on a palate-pleasing rollercoaster of taste sensations!

Crazy Food Combinations That Somehow Work!

  • Watermelon & Feta Cheese: Brought to us by the Greeks, this is a dish usually served as in a Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad (with a bit of mint added). Strangely, it really works.


  • Ramen & Peanut Butter: Next time you have some ramen, trust us – just add in a dollop of peanut butter and stir.


  • Pickles and Peanut Butter: It sounds gross but it’s up there with peanut butter and bananas. Try a Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich. It’s a quick and tasty snack you’ll thank us for.


  • Vanilla Ice Cream and Olive Oil: Just add a drizzle of olive oil to your ice cream, maybe add a few flecks of sea salt – you’ll end up with a taste explosion which will help you beat the summer heat.


  • Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar: Sounds weird, but in Italy it’s considered the perfect way to enjoy strawberries.


  • Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese: You may not even be aware of this pairing but in some parts of the USA, it’s considered the only way to eat apple pie… and for good reason.


  • Pasta & Tzatziki: My girlfriend actually suggested this, I was sure she was crazy at first. The extra-garlicky taste of the tzatziki adds an explosion of flavor to your pasta. Just add a dollop of it to your pasta and you’ll be pleasantly shocked.and you’ll be shocked that you hadn’t done it sooner.


  • Pizza & Honey: A combination of sweet honey, crispy pizza dough and salty cheese is a revelation. Your taste buds will be shocked.


  • Black Bean & Brownies: Admittedly, this sounds disgusting, but the truth is that it’s delicious. Better, since there’s black beans in the mix rather than flour, it’s completely gluten free. Don’t believe us? Here’s a great recipe for  black bean brownies, no flour required!


  • Hamburgers and Fried Egg: This suggestion is one of my own, in my eyes nothing more decadent than having a hamburger topped off with an extremely runny fried egg. Some restaurants call it a “brunch burger” or a burger done “Humpty Dumpty” style. Trust me, try this one ASAP m- it’s worth the mess!


Some interesting choices but why not…

If I’ve learned anything from making this list, it’s that when you’re putting together something to eat – don’t be afraid to try new things, put things together that you’d never even consider. Whomever decided to combine greasy fries, curd cheese and some dark brown gravy in order to produce a poutine certainly deserved some kind of Nobel Prize. There’s no rules, go crazy! The only thing we should all agree on not to combine is pizza and pineapple, but that’s a given.

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