Meet The ChefClub Friends


Maurice, Lola, Carlton, Colette, Elvis & les Kikitos

Organized gang? Band of misfits? Troublemakers? Our clique of little characters is a little bit of all that at the same time! We would like to introduce you to these 6 friends with hearts as big as their stomachs.

This clever guy’s love of people and food are what led him to become a chef. The crew is like family to him.
Personality: sweet and full of character, always happy to help other members of the team.
Fan of: Maurice likes his music the way he enjoys his cheese – all the Blues!
Favorite vegetable: Cauliflower! Roasted, with cheese, or as a velvety soup, Maurice loves it for its simplicity, its comfort, and its ability to reinvent itself!
Catchphrase: “Food’s ready!”


Elvis was born on Oink Island (though no one quite knows where that is). He’s always smiling and making others smile too.
Personality: well-rounded and (oh!) so soft – like a beautiful bun.
Fan of: Anything and everything edible.
Favorite vegetable: The beet for its slight sweetness that infuses perfectly with savory dishes and gourmet desserts!
Catchphrase: “What’s for dinner?”

An absolute milk-aholic since birth…What best represents him? 12-hour naps and 3 gallons of milk a day!
Personality: cool, mysterious and sophisticated, like a true gentleman.
Fan of: MILK! Cow milk, sheep milk, donkey milk, buffalo milk… any type of milk, even plant-based!
Favorite vegetable: The pumpkin, to simply enjoy it as a velvety soup with some cream and a wedge of cheese!
Catchphrase: Always land on your feet.


An adventurer at heart, cheese addict Lola left behind a life of luxury in the US to travel the world looking for the best cheese on Earth.
Personality: tough on the outside, soft on the inside – like brie cheese.
Fan of: voyages… and all sorts of smelly cheese!
Favorite vegetable: All vegetables are delicious, but asparagus takes the lead because the tips look like flowers when gathered in a bunch!
Catchphrase: Say “cheeeeeese”!

The mother hen who rules the roost.
What came first? Colette or the egg?
No one knows!
Personality: simple and comforting – like a chicken casserole.
Fan of: her little brood.
Favorite vegetable: Strange and old vegetables like rhubarb! Colette likes to modernize these ancient treasures.

Catchphrase: “I decide the pecking order.”

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One for all, and all for one chick!

After escaping from a farm in Argentina, these little chicks were taken under Colette’s caring wing.
Personality: small, cute, but fiery – like bird’s eye chili!
Fans of: monster trucks (they may be small but they’re not shy)!
Favorite vegetable: The pea: simple, tasty, and especially smaller than the Kikitos, they enjoy gobbling them up!
Catchphrase: “Chirp chirp chirp chirp…”